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We transform concrete into beautiful, functional floors in commercial and industrial environments with our eco-friendly polished concrete and epoxy solutions.


Polished Concrete 1 delivers reliable, high-quality concrete flooring services that make old floors look brand new with the help of our trained Toronto team, heavy-duty equipment, and proven concrete polishing methods.

Polished concrete is the optimal floor for dry environments, such as warehouses, offices, and dry manufacturing. It is environmentally friendly and delivers the best value of any flooring option on the market. With an on-site visit, our concrete professionals can determine if this service suits your needs.

We can restore almost any concrete floor back to a basic, clean surface, including worn out and traffic-heavy areas. We provide the removal of VCT and carpet adhesive, old epoxy coatings, and other surface materials. Our concrete restoration methods will improve the overall look of the space and impress your clients!

We install a full range of protective floor coatings, including epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic coatings. They can revitalize the appearance of your building while protecting your floors. Our knowledgeable team will provide appropriate floor coating  recommendations, including applications, cost, and coating type.



From polishing concrete to epoxy floors, our experts ensure customized services for a variety of businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors.


Whether your business is in retail, art, or hospitality, it's essential to have your concrete floors spick and span for your workers' safety and to impress potential clients. Polished concrete floors complement the spaces of your building and the merchandise on display. Customers will be more inclined to buy and get to know your brand while inspectors will see that your company meets health and safety standards.


Polished Concrete 1 serves all manner of businesses that manufacture and store goods, from food to technology to automotive brands. Your warehouses and factories are in constant use to answer the demands of the masses, but that doesn't mean they should have rough, stained concrete floors. Our polished concrete flooring is just one way to help your work area pass inspection and keep working safely and efficiently.


Polished Concrete 1 was founded on the idea that concrete is not just a pragmatic building material, but has the potential to be an environmentally friendly and beautiful flooring solution. 

Polished Concrete 1 offers floor maintenance solutions tailored to your business. We are often consulted for new construction projects and existing floor layouts. Our experts look at the big picture, taking into account your Toronto business' design, spaces, budget, and needs. With each new project, we show our commitment to quality.

We strive to be the first concrete company you call when you need concrete polishing, restoration, or finishing applications. Our focus is to deliver the best concrete flooring solutions in the industry. In addition to quality craftsmanship, Polished Concrete 1 has a friendly customer service staff that's ready to help you in any way they can.



Affordable Services

Polished Concrete 1 specializes in large commercial and industrial projects. We can provide a high-quality polished concrete floor at a lower cost than any competing option. We don't use waxes or guards to create a polished concrete look, so your concrete floors will last much longer and be easier to maintain.

Less Maintenance

Polishing concrete floors gives them a Teflon-like surface which is resistant to dirt and markings from forklift tires and other materials. It’s easier to clean and only needs re-polishing every three to five years. This means you can dedicate more time to your company's goals and customer satisfaction.

Safe & Healthy Environment

Why polished concrete floors instead of using an epoxy coating? It provides a low maintenance, clean flooring solution that costs less over the life of the floor. A polished concrete floor meets the standards of health and safety regulations, helping staff and visitors feel safe.


Polished concrete flooring increases ambient light by up to 30%, giving potential clients a good first impression and increasing your staff's productivity. Clean and polished floors are just one small way to strengthen your business' reputation.

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At Polished Concrete 1, we believe in providing our clients with transparency, so we've listed our concrete floor polishing process:

  • Surface Preparation: Our experts first prepare the surfaces by diamond grinding them. This ensures the removal of surface contamination or existing materials like old coatings, adhesives and dirt.

  • Honing & Polishing: Next the concrete goes through a honing and polishing process, using a progression of low to high-grit diamond tools to ensure the best possible finish.

  • Chemical Application: We apply a liquid chemical densifier, which dustproofs, hardens and seals the surface. The new concrete surface will last longer and stand up to heavy duty use.

  • We use only a mechanical diamond polishing process to create our polished concrete floors. We grind the concrete floor between 7-10 times to achieve our finish depending on the application and budget. 


Concrete polishing and floor restoration are excellent alternatives to completely redoing your business' flooring. It's cost-effective, provides longevity, and adds protection against the demands placed upon concrete flooring. 

Each commercial or industrial project Polished Concrete 1 takes on requires a customized solution based on the size of the project and the grinding process needed to make the concrete flooring like new. Our professionals are happy to arrange for an on-site visit to get your floor maintenance plan started!

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These before-and-after photos are a testament to our unique skill, dedication, and quality results.




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